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Nickel 2000
The Major Nickel Deposits of the World
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With the A-Team of Nickel in Sudbury
Members of the Module 2B, Canadian Sulphides Tour Group with the A-Team of Nickel - the speakers at the Sudbury Seminar.

From the left: Marcus Burnham (MERC, Sudbury), Tony Naldrett (UT, Toronto), David Cass (AngloAmerican-Hudson Bay, Canada), Mark Constantin (MERC, Sudbury), Stephen Denn (Centaur, Australia), Paul Golightly (MERC/Inco, Sudbury), Ivanir Luchesi (Rio Tinto, Brazil), Mike Lesher (MERC, Sudbury), Ian Ledlie (Rio Tinto, Australia), Emma Masterman (WMC, Australia), Phil Clifford (Rio Tinto, Australia). Peter Lightfoot (left early).
Photograph by Mike Porter

  The member of the Module 2B Group rendezvoused in Sudbury, Ontario on Sunday 11 June. The following day was devoted to an intense full day seminar on the "Nickel Deposits of Canada", including an overview of magmatic nickel sulphide deposits, and detailed descriptions of the characteristics of the Sudbury, Thompson and Voisey's Bay orebodies, presented by renowned experts from academia and industry, led by Dr Tony Naldrett and Dr Mike Lesher.

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