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Nickel 2000
The Major Nickel Deposits of the World
May-June 2000


MODULE 1A - Yilgarn Sulphides and Laterites

  On the Mt Hunt Traverse, Australia

  The Module 1A Group at Silver Swan, Australia

  The Murrin Murrin operation, Australia

  The Module 1A Group at Leinster, Australia

MODULE 1B - Southwest Pacific Laterites

  At the Noumea Seminar, New Caledonia

  Lunch at Plateau/Thio on New Caledonia

  At Koniambo, New Caledonia

  The Module 1B Group at Goro, New Caledonia

MODULE 2A - Caribbean Laterites

  In the Falcondo Bonao mine, Dominican Republic

  Waiting on an airstrip in Colombia

  The ferro-nickel plant at Cerro Matoso, Colombia
MODULE 2B - Canadian Sulphides

  With the A-Team of Nickel in Sudbury

  In the field, at North Range, Sudbury, and Voisey's Bay core,

  Overhead the Raglan Mine, Katinniq, northern Quebec, Canada

  The Module 2B Group at Raglan, Canada

  In the field at Raglan

MODULE 3 - Eurasian Sulphides

  Mine visits and drill core at Noril'sk and Talnakh

  The Module 3 Group at Talnakh, Siberia, Russia

  Underground at Jinchuan, China

  The Group at Jinchuan, China

  The banquet in Jinchuan - Gan Bei

  On the bus from Jinchuan, China

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