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Nickel 2000
The Major Nickel Deposits of the World
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At Koniambo, New Caledonia
On the following morning, the group was driven from Kone to the nearby Koniambo mine for another excellent geological briefing and pit visit to the silicate laterite nickel deposit.

Marc Antoine Audet (green hard hat) explains the profile at the Falconbridge Koniambo Project in Northern New Caledonia to Vernon Stocklmayer (BHP, Australia), Mike Robertson (Anglovaal, South Africa) and Eric Sennavoine (Eramet-SLN, New Caledonia) to his right, and Andrew Daniels (AngloAmerican, UK), Duncan Campbell (AngloAmerican, Chile), Roger Billington (Falconbridge, Australia) and Andrew Bywater (Centaur, Australia) on his left.
Photograph by Mike Porter

Late in the afternoon, they were driven back to Noumea.

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