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Nickel 2000
The Major Nickel Deposits of the World
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The Module 1A Group at Silver Swan, Australia
The Module 1A Tour Group with Outokumpu staff at Silver Swan, Australia.

Rear - Kieron Hayter (Outokumpu), Allan Kelly (WMC, Australia), Glenn Mills (QNI-Billiton, Australia), Pierre Castex (Eramet-SLN, New Caledonia), Mike Holman (AngloAmerican, South Africa), Tim Liversey (AngloAmerican, Tanzania), Calvin Ferguson (Centaur, Australia), John Pattison (Falconbridge, Canada)
Front - Outokumpo geo., Dean MacEachern (Falconbridge, Canada), Gregg Snyder (Falconbridge, Canada), Andrew Goode (Outokumpu, Australia), Ray Kohlsmith (Falconbridge, New Caledonia), Edouard Kici (Falconbridge, New Caledonia), Mike Robertson (Anglovaal, South Africa). Brian Booth (Inco, Canada).
Photograph by Mike Porter

  On the third day, the group left Kalgoorlie early and travelled to the Silver Swan komatiite hosted sulphide mine. In the afternoon, they continued on to the nearby Cawse lateritic nickel mine. After their return to Kalgoorlie in the early evening, members of the tour group addressed a large assembly of geologists from Kalgoorlie and surrounding mines at an AusIMM meeting describing their deposits elsewhere in the world.

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