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Andean 2017 CuBelts 14   Apr. 2017

May 2014  
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T M (Mike) Porter the principal has:
LinkedinOver 45 years industry experience in geology,
Wide knowledge of global geology & ore deposits.
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Two International Study Tours
Andean Porphyries 2016 CopperBelts 2014
Our Books - Available Now
Hydrothermal Iron Oxide Cu-Au & Related Deposits:
A Global Perspective

Four volumes, available separately -or- as a set.
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Super Porphyry v1
Super Porphyry v2
Super Porphyry Copper & Gold Deposits:
A Global Perspective,

Two volumes, available separately -or- as a set.
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Sediment Hosted Copper
Sediment Hosted Copper Deposits:
A Global Perspective,

Single volume - In preparation.
Porphyry 98 Proceeings
Porphyry & Hydrothermal Copper & Gold Deposits:
A Global Perspective

Conference proceedings.   Single volume.
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