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    Geoscientific Literature Describing the World's Key Ore Deposits

More than 6000 published papers describing significant ore deposits and mineral provinces around the world,
The amalgamation of the individual bibliographic reference lists that accompany the deposit descriptions of the PorterGeo Database,
The collection is regularly updated by scanning a range of journals,   and   as new database records are added,
NOTE:  When searching, you MUST use FULL WORD search terms.    ALL records containing ALL search terms entered will be retrieved.
    Links to Major Geoscience Journals            
One click access   -   to over 30 of the world's leading geoscience journals,
Free access to titles, authors & abstracts   -   for most past & upcoming issues,
Most journals offer online purchase or open access and delivery of papers from these links,
Most allow searching of all past volumes and issues.

Ore deposit knowledge
Image by: Mike Porter
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