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The Nyidinghu iron deposits are located ~100 km NW of Newman, 45 km south of the Cloudbreak deposit, and ~ 15 km NE of the Rio Tinto Yandicoogina mine (#Location: 22° 42S, 119° 20'E).

Mineralisation occurs as martite-goethite BID (Banded Iron Deposit) ore within the Brockman Banded Iron Formation of the Hamersley Group, channel iron deposits (CID) within Tertiary channel fill associated with the Marillana palaeochannel network, and as detrital ores (DID). The Brockman ore is the bulk of the resource.

See the Hamersley Basin Iron Province record for the regional setting and the Yandicoogina record for details of mineralisation in the Marillana palaeochannel.

The Brockman Iron Formation is disclocated into fault blocks by two generations of NE and NW striking faults with vertical displacements in the order of 50 to 100m. The martite-goethite ore within this unit is of supergene origin, which commences closely below the base of overburden and persists as an overall flat lying blanket to depths of up to 300 m.

The CID mineralisation overlies most of the Brockman ore, and generally trends NE.

The mineralised zone has dimensions of at least 7 km in a NW-SE direction by 4.5 km.

Resources released by Fortescue Metals Group (March, 2013) include:
  Combined resources at 52% Fe cut-off
      Measured resource - 23 Mt @ 59.6% Fe, 3.56% SiO2 2.21% Al2O3 0.139% P, 8.05% LOI;
      Indicated resource - 580 Mt @ 58.1% Fe, 4.52% SiO
2 2.95% Al2O3 0.148% P, 8.55% LOI;
      Inferred resource - 1860 Mt @ 57.2% Fe, 5.00% SiO
2 3.36% Al2O3 0.147% P, 8.84% LOI;
      TOTAL resource - 2.463 Gt @ 57.4% Fe, 4.88% SiO
2 3.26% Al2O3 0.147% P, 8.77% LOI;
  Ore type break down of the total resource at 52% Fe cut-off
      BID ore - 1756 Mt @ 58.2% Fe, 4.24% SiO
2 3.05% Al2O3 0.165% P, 8.4% LOI;
      CID ore -     80 Mt @ 55.4% Fe, 6.33% SiO
2 3.71% Al2O3 0.101% P, 9.8% LOI;
      DID ore -     28 Mt @ 55.4% Fe, 9.09% SiO
2 5.08% Al2O3 0.102% P, 5.2% LOI;
  Combined high grade resources at 59% Fe cut-off
      Measured resource - 15 Mt @ 6102% Fe, 2.60% SiO
2 1.67% Al2O3 0.140% P, 7.59% LOI;
      Indicated resource - 237 Mt @ 60.7% Fe, 2.87% SiO
2 2.00% Al2O3 0.154% P, 7.56% LOI;
      Inferred resource - 483 Mt @ 60.6% Fe, 3.10% SiO
2 2.31% Al2O3 0.167% P, 7.20% LOI;
      TOTAL resource - 735 Mt @ 60.6% Fe, 3.02% SiO
2 2.20% Al2O3 0.163% P, 7.32% LOI;

The most recent source geological information used to prepare this summary was dated: 2013.    
This description is a summary from published sources, the chief of which are listed below.
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  References & Additional Information

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