Super Porphyry Deposits - Vol. 1
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Porter, T.M. (ed.), 2005 - Super Porphyry Copper & Gold Deposits:   A Global Perspective;   PGC Publishing, Adelaide, v. 1, 280 pages - ISBN 978-0-9580574-2-4.
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This two volume set describes the great porphyry Cu-Au/Mo deposits and provinces around the globe and throughout geological time.   They comprise 25 all new papers, as 550 pages of close spaced text illustrated by over 280 figures, photographs and diagrams.
The content of this volume was designed by the editor, T M (Mike) Porter of PGC Publishing.   Many of the world's leading researchers and experts on both this style of mineralisation and individual ore deposits were invited to present the latest ideas, observations and descriptions.   Authors are from academia, government agencies and industry.
© copyright to this volume and all of its contents is the property of Porter GeoConsultancy Pty Limited (PGC), trading as PGC Publishing. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form without permission in writing from PGC.
The individual papers that constitute Volume 1 are listed below.
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General Papers
Jeremy P Richards, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta, Canada.
Cumulative Factors in the Generation of Giant Calc-Alkaline Porphyry Cu Deposits.
Brent I.A. McInnes, Noreen J. Evans, CSIRO Exploration & Mining, Perth, WA, Australia,   Frank Q. Fu, University of Sydney, NSW Australia,   Steve Garwin, Geoinformatics Exploration Australia, Perth, WA,   Elena Belousova, W.L. Griffin, Macquarie University, NSW, Australia,   Alfredo Bertens, Codelco Chile,   Djadjang Sukarna, Sam Permanadewi, Geological Research & Development Centre, Bandung, Indonesia,   Ross L. Andrew, Rio Tinto Exploration Pty. Limited, Melbourne, Vic., Australia,  and  Katja Deckart, Departamento de Geología, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile.
Thermal History Analysis of Selected Chilean, Indonesian and Iranian Porphyry Cu-Mo-Au Deposits.
South America
Francisco Camus, Codelco-Chile, Santiago, Chile
The Andean Porphyry Systems
Charles R Stern,  M Alexandra Skewes, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Colorado, USA.
Origin of Giant Miocene and Pliocene Cu-Mo Deposits in Central Chile: Role of Ridge Subduction, Decreased Subduction Angle, Subduction Erosion, Crustal Thickening and Long-Lived, Batholith-Size, Open-System Magma Chambers.
M Alexandra Skewes, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Colorado, USA,   Alejandra Arévalo, Ricardo Floody, Patricio H Zuñiga, Codelco Chile, El Teniente, Rancagua, Chile,   Charles R Stern, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Colorado, USA.
The El Teniente Megabreccia Deposits, the Worlds Largest Copper Deposit.
Steve C Brown,Minera Alumbrera Limited, Catamarca, Argentina.
A Review of the Geology and Mineralisation of the Alumbrera Porphyry Copper-Gold Deposit, Northwestern Argentina.
T Mike Porter, Porter GeoConsultancy, Adelaide, South Australia
The Escondida Porphyry Copper Deposit, Northern Chile: Its Discovery, Setting, Geology, Hypogene Mineralisation and Supergene Ore - A Review.
Alejandro Faunes, Fernando Hintze, Private Consultants, Santiago de Chile, Chile, Armando Siaña, Héctor Véliz, Mario Vivanco and Geological Staff, Superintendencia Geología de Producción, Codelco Norte. Chuquicamata, Chile.
Chuquicamata, Core of a Planetary Scale Cu-Mo Anomaly
Glenton J. Masterman,  David R. Cooke, Centre for Ore Deposit Research (CODES SRC), University of Tasmania,   Richard L. Moore, Toronto, Canada.
Geology and Discovery of Porphyry Cu-Mo-Ag Deposits in the Collahuasi District Northern Chile.
Eric J Lipten, Scott W Smith, Compañía Minera Antamina S.A., Peru.
The Geology of the Antamina Copper-Zinc Deposit, Peru, South America.
North America
Sterling S. Cook, ASARCO Inc., Ray Mine, Arizona, USA,  and  T Mike Porter, Porter GeoConsultancy, Adelaide, South Australia.
The Geologic History of Oxidation and Supergene Enrichment in the Porphyry Copper Deposits of Southwestern North America
Charles H Phillips, retired Chief Geologist, Edward D Harrison, Tracy W Smith, Kennecott Utah Copper, Bingham Canyon, Utah, USA.
Geology of the Bingham Mining District, Salt Lake County, Utah.
William J McMillan, British Columbia Ministry of Energy and Mines (retired), Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
Porphyry Cu-Mo Deposits of the Highland Valley District, Guichon Creek Batholith, British Columbia, Canada.
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This volume and its contents have been developed, organised and edited by T M (Mike) Porter of Porter GeoConsultancy Pty Ltd (PGC) and is published and on sale globally via the world wide web through the PGC Publishing electronic bookshop.

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Super Porphyry Copper and Gold Deposits: A Global Perspective - Volume 1

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