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Porphyry & Hydrothermal Cu-Au Volume
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Porter, T.M. (ed.), 1998 - Porphyry and Hydrothermal Copper and Gold Deposits - A Global Perspective;   PGC Publishing, Adelaide, 230p.   ISBN 978-0-908039-71-5.
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This is the Proceedings volume to a conference of the same name, conducted by the Australian Minerals Foundation in Perth Western Australia, from the 30 November to 1 December 1998.
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The theme was the recent significant new discoveries of porphyry copper-gold and hydrothermal gold, and the deposits & regions for which previously restricted information was recently released, particularly the Former Soviet Union.
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This volume was issued to all delegates at the conference of the same name held in Perth, Western Australia on November 30 and December 1 1998.   It was subsequently sold widely to the mining and exploration industry.   e-Book copies are available for order from PGC Publishing and prompt despatch online.
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The papers in this volume were invited and edited by T M (Mike) Porter of Porter GeoConsultancy Pty Ltd (PGC) for the Australian Mineral Foundation Inc. (AMF).   PGC Publishing was assigned copyright in 2002.
© copyright to this volume and all of its contents is the property of Porter GeoConsultancy Pty Limited (PGC), trading as PGC Publishing. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form without permission in writing from PGC.
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Preface Paper 
T M Porter, Porter GeoConsultancy Pty Ltd., Adelaide, Australia.
  An Overview of the World's Porphyry and Other Hydrothermal Copper & Gold Deposits and their Distribution. 
General Papers 
Richard H Sillitoe, Consultant Geologist., 27 West Hill Park, Highgate Village, London, N6 6ND, UK.
  Major regional factors favouring large size, high hypogene grade, elevated gold content and supergene oxidation and enrichment of porphyry copper Deposits. 
John Rickus, Managing Director, Rio Tinto Technical Services, Melbourne, Australia
  Factors influencing the viability of large gold or porphyry copper projects. 
Asia Pacific
Sugeng Widodo, Noris Belluz, Nur Wiwoho, Bowo Kusnanto, Peter Manning, George Macdonald, Al Edwards, PT Freeport Indonesia,
  Geology of the Kucing Liar Ore Body, Irian Jaya, Indonesia. 
Kyaw Win & Douglas J Kirwin, Indochina Goldfields Ltd., Myanma & Thailand.
  Exploration, Geology and Mineralisation of the Monywa Copper District, Central Myanmar. 
Art Disini,   Bruce Robertson   &   Rene Juna R. Claveria,   Lepanto Consolidated Mining Company, Manila, Philippines.
  The Mankayan Mineral District, Luzon, Philippines. 
The Americas
A A Bakke, R Morrell, J Odden, Fairbanks Gold Mining Inc., Fairbanks, Alaska, USA.
  The Fort Knox porphyry gold deposit, Eastern-Central Alaska: An overview and update. 
Claudio Bisso B, Manuel Duran, Aquiles Gonzales A., Compania Minera Dona Inés de Collahuasi SCM., Inquique, Chile, Aquiles Gonzáles A, Compania Minera Los Pelambres, Santiago, Chile.
  The Collahuasi Copper Mine, Northern Chile. 
Patricio Cuadra, Francisco Camus, Codelco-Chile, Santiago, Chile.
  The Radomiro Tomic Porphyry Copper System, Northern Chile. 
Part I: Exploration & Discovery - N Rojas, J Perello, P Harman, J Cabello, C Devaux, L Fava, E Etchart,   Part II: Geology - J Perello, N Rojas, C Devaux, L Fava, E Etchart, P Harman,
BHP World Minerals, Chile, USA & Australia.
  Discovery of the Agua Rica Porphyry Cu-Mo-Au Deposit, Catamarca Province, Northwestern Argentina - Part I: Exploration & Discovery,   Part II: Geology. 
Tethyan Belt
Bahram Samani, Exploration Division AEOI, Tehran, Iran.
  Distribution, setting and metallogenesis of copper deposits in Iran. 
Eugene Tobey, Albrecht Schneider, Aquiles Alegria, Luis Olcay, George Perantonis, Jorge Quiroga, TVX Gold Inc., Chile, Greece & Canada.
  Skouries porphyry copper/gold deposit, Chalkidiki, Greece - Setting, mineralisation and resources. 
Richard Herrington, Natural History Museum, London, UK, Slobodan Jankovic, University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Dejan Kozelj, Copper Institute, Bor, Yugoslavia.
  The Bor and Majdanpek copper-gold deposits in the context of the Bor Metallogenic Zone (Serbia Yugoslavia). 
Central Asia
Alexei Sokolov, Sokolov Enterprises, Melbourne, Australia.
  The regional and local controls on gold and copper mineralisation in Central Asia and Kazakhstan. 
Bruce D Kay, Normandy Mining, Adelaide, Australia, Barrie Oakes & Vladimir Arifiev, Oxus Resources Corporation, London, UK
  The Jerooy Gold Deposit, Kyrgyz Republic. 
Byron Berger, US Geological Survey, Denver, CO, USA.
  The Muruntau gold deposit, Tamdy Mountains, Uzbekistan. 
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For more information contact:   T M (Mike) Porter, of Porter GeoConsultancy   (

This volume and its contents were developed, organised and edited by T M (Mike) Porter of Porter GeoConsultancy Pty Ltd (PGC). The first edition was published by the Australian Mineral Foundation (AMF) in 1998.   The copyright was unconditionally assigned to PGC Publishing in March 2002.   PGC Publishing is now supplying copies on request via this web-site for distribution world-wide.

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Porphyry and Hydrothermal Copper and Gold Deposits: A Global Perspective

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