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Africa 2000
The Gold Deposits of East & West Africa
23 Oct - 9 Nov, 2000 - In Two Modules

An AMF-PorterGeo International Study Tour


Module 1

  Arriving at Golden Pride, Tanzania

  Group at the Golden Pride Mine, Tanzania

  Golden Pride open pit & field scene, Tanzania

  The Bulyanhulu Mine, Tanzania

  Underground at Bulyanhulu, Tanzania

  At the airport at Bulyahulu, Tanzania

Module 2A

  Waiting at the Crown Hotel, Accra, Ghana

  The Damang Mine, Ghana

  Explanations at the Damang Mine, Ghana

  Flat veins at the Damang Mine, Ghana

  Doug Jones & friend at Damang, Ghana

  In the pit at Tarkwa, Ghana

  At the Coconut Grove, Obuasi, Ghana

  Underground at Obuasi, Ghana

  Some of the Ashanti Mine workings, Ghana

  Drill core at Yamfo

  The Module 2 Group, Ghana

Module 2B

  Aerial view of the Sadiola mine, Mali

  In the pit at Sadiola, Mali

  Explanations at Sadiola, Mali

  Field traverse, Sadiola, Mali

  Briefing at Morila, Mali

  At the treatment plant, Morila, Mali

  The Module 2B Group at Morila, Mali.

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This tour was designed, developed, organised, managed and escorted by
T M (Mike) Porter of Porter GeoConsultancy Pty Ltd.

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