Another PGC International Study Tour
Developed & Managed by Porter GeoConsultancy
Iron 2002-03
Key Iron Deposits of the World
September 2002 & March-April 2003
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Module 1 - Australia

  Module 1 Group Photo in Australia.

 At the BHP Billiton Mount Whaleback mine.

  Dales Gorge Member, in Cathedral Gorge.

  Marra Mamba ore at West Angelas.

  Ore & core at Yandicoogina.

  Hamersley Basin Field Workshop, day 1.

  The Module 1 Group in Dales Gorge.

  Briefing & detrital ores.

  Hamersley Basin Field Workshop, day 2.

  At Mount Tom Price.

  At the Marandoo operation.

  At the Paraburdoo mine.

  Early Morning charter flight.

  At Robe River's Mesa J operation.

  Trains, to the coast.

Module 2A - South Africa

  Module 2A Group Photo in South Africa.

  At Kumba Resources' Thabazimbi mine.

  Geology over a braai, at Thabazimbi.

  At the Sishen Pit.

  In the field, Welgevonden/Sishen South.

  Drill core at Sishen South.

  In the field, office & pit at Beeshoek.

  Expert workshop in Johannesburg.

Module 2B - Brazil

  Module 2B Group Photo in Brazil.

  On the railway to Carajas.

  Welcome to Carajas.

  In the Carajas N4 Pit.

  Tour group in the Carajas N5 Pit.

  Within, above & outside the Carajas pits.

 Quadrilatero Ferrifero Field Workshop.

 Tour members on QF Field Workshop.

 QF Field Workshop & Ouro Preto, day 2.

 At the CVRD Itabira Complex.

 In the CVRD Conceicão pit.

  CVRD hospitality at Itabira.

  In the suns last rays.

  At the CSN Casa de Pedra mine.

  In the mine at Casa de Pedra.

  Presentation in transit in São Paulo.

  At the MCR Corumba iron mine.

  At the CVRD Urucum Fe-Mn mine.

  Mining at Urucum.

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This tour was designed, developed, organised, managed and escorted by
T M (Mike) Porter of Porter GeoConsultancy Pty Ltd.

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