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Mount Isa, Mt Isa, Copper - X41 and Enterprise Mines
Queensland, Qld, Australia
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The Mt Isa copper orebodies are located with north-west Queensland, Australia, adjacent to and exploited separately from the Mt Isa lead-zinc deposits (#Location: 20° 43' 42"S, 139° 28' 47"E).

This record will be substantially updated in the near future. For details of the setting and host stratigraphy see the separate Mount Isa Zinc and George Fisher records,

The Mount Isa copper ore deposits are hosted within the Mesoproterozoic (1653 Ma) Urquhart Shale, an around 1000 m thick succession of carbonaceous, pyritic, dolomitic siltstone that belong to the Mt Isa Group, which lies within the Leichhardt River Fault Trough, and belongs to Cover Sequence 3 in the Western Fold Belt of the Mt Isa Inlier.

In the Mt Isa mine area, the Mt Isa Group strikes north-south and has a persistent westerly dip of 65°. It is around 4000 m in thickness and comprises a sequence of alternating units of dolomitic shale and dolomitic siltstone, with relatively minor conglomerate and sandstone at the base. These latter sediments thicken to the east.

Cover Sequence 3 unconformably overlies the thick mafic volcanics and quartzites of Cover Sequence 2 which includes the 7000 m thick Eastern Creek Volcanics.

The individual copper orebodies are contained entirely within a single large irregular silica-dolomite alteration mass which lies to the south of and overprints the Zn-Pb-Ag orebodies, but lie within the Urquhart Shale.

There is evidence to suggest that the silica-dolomite and Cu ore are substantially younger than the Zn-Pb-Ag ore, possibly being emplaced during D3 deformation.

The silica-dolomite mass has a strike length of at least 2600 m, maximum width of 530 m and up-dip extent of near 1000 m. Its boundaries cut across bedding. The main gangue minerals are ferroan dolomite and quartz with locally important talc, chlorite and K-feldspar. The silica-dolomite comprises an early progressive growth of exaggerated dolomite grains and porphyroblastic dolomite replacement forming pseudo-breccias via replacement outwards from fractures. This stage destroys earlier textures. The silica replacement stage results in partial to complete pseudomorphic silica replacement of the dolomitic pre-cursors and preserves pre-existing textures.

The main sulphides are pyrite and chalcopyrite with lessor pyrrhotite and cobaltite. They are predominantly present as replacements forming coarse grained aggregates, pseudo-breccias and discontinuous veinlets. Chalcopyrite deposition is largely controlled by coarsely crystalline dolomite precursors.

Past production and reserves indicate a total resource of around 225 Mt @ 3.3% Cu.

JORC compliant ore reserves and mineral resources (at June 2006) are as follows (X-Strata 2007):
  X41 Mine, 1000 & 1900 orebodies
      Proved reserves - 28 Mt @ 2.1% Cu
      Probable reserves - 21 Mt @ 1.8% Cu
      Measured resources - 76 Mt @ 2.1% Cu
      Indicated resources - 7 Mt @ 1.8% Cu
      Inferred resources - 10 Mt @ 2% Cu
  Enterprise Mine, 3000 & 3500 orebodies
      Proved reserves - 32 Mt @ 3.6% Cu
      Probable reserves - 5.7 Mt @ 3.2% Cu
      Measured resources - 61 Mt @ 3.3% Cu
      Indicated resources - 8.1 Mt @ 2.7% Cu
      Inferred resources - 1 Mt @ 2% Cu
  500 orebody
      Inferred resources - 70 Mt @ 1% Cu
  Mt Isa copper open pit
      Measured resources, - 98 Mt @ 1.4% Cu
      Indicated resources - 69 Mt @ 1.2% Cu
      Inferred resources - 110 Mt @ 1% Cu

JORC compliant ore reserves and minerals resources (at 31 December 2011) were as follows (X-Strata 2012):
  X41 Mine, 1000 & 1900 orebodies
      Proved + probable reserves - 31 Mt @ 1.8% Cu
      Measured + indicated resources - 60 Mt @ 1.9% Cu
      Inferred resources - 8 Mt @ 2% Cu
  Enterprise Mine, 3000 & 3500 orebodies
      Proved + probable reserves - 24 Mt @ 3% Cu
      Measured + indicated resources - 45 Mt @ 3% Cu
      Inferred resources - 1 Mt @ 2% Cu
  500 orebody
      Inferred resources - depleted
  Mt Isa copper open pit
      Measured + indicated resources - 150 Mt @ 1.2% Cu
      Inferred resources - 133 Mt @ 1% Cu

The X41, Enterprise and 500 orebody mines are underground, block caving operations.   Mt Isa copper open pit exploits the upper sections of the silica-dolomite hosted copper orebody. The resource is based on a 0.5% Cu cut-off and comprises approximately 60% promary chalcopyrite, with the remainder is oxidised or partially oxidised with minor supergene chalcocite.

The mine is operated by X-Strata Copper.

The most recent source geological information used to prepare this decription was dated: 2007.     Record last updated: 31/12/2012
This description is a summary from published sources, the chief of which are listed below.
© Copyright Porter GeoConsultancy Pty Ltd.   Unauthorised copying, reproduction, storage or dissemination prohibited.

Mt Isa Copper

  References & Additional Information
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